Stay LowKiy while on the go

LowKiy is a discreet storage case for various essentials. Keep it low-key with LowKiy.

Discreet, odor-fighting, and kid-proof

To open your LowKiy, just line up those rigids and give the lid a little pop! Slip in whatever goodies you want to keep LowKiy.

 Reusable, recyclable and food-safe

Designed to easily fit in your pocket for convenience


Find answers to common questions about LowKiy products and their use.

Ways to use LowKiy?

Use your LowKiy to store medicine, makeup, feminine products, dog treats, herbs, and candy just to name a few.  

Is LowKiy safe to use?

Absolutely! LowKiy is made from high-quality materials that are safe for everyday use. It is free from harmful chemicals and is designed to keep your items secure and discreet.

How to contact LowKiy?

You can contact LowKiy by emailing us at Our customer support team will be happy to assist.

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